Dekoor Close Harmony (1985) is a choir of 30 students of the Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Conducted by Christoph Mac-Carty the choir brings a mix of jazz, gospel and popular music to the stage, while occasionally experimenting with classical genres and world music as well. The choir either sings a capella or is being accompanied by their combo consisting of piano, bass and drums. During their existence Dekoor has managed to obtain a unique place among the Dutch choir society thanks to winning several prizes, their most recent one being ‘Best Dutch Vocal Group’ at the BALK TOPfestival of 2011. In 2010 the choir went on a tour to China to participate at the World Choir Games and was pronounced ‘World Champion of Jazz’. The choir is well known in The Netherlands for winning the first Dutch edition of the popular television show ‘Clash of the Choirs’ in 2007. For more information please e-mail   Klik (2011)