Conductor: Christoph Mac-Carty was born in Bönningheim, Germany in 1969. Mac-Carty studied Music at different conservatories in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. With his modern jazz trio Robinson, Freitag & Caruso, he won the prestigious Dutch Jazz Competition in 2005. He also performed in many different ensembles and at impressive stages such as the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2005, Mac-Carty began his career as a choir conductor for several, very different choirs. He was hired as conductor of Dekoor Close Harmony in 2008 and gained critical acclaim after leading the choir to many national and international successes. Since then, Mac-Carty has taught at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam, provides choir workshops at the well known musical institute The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and judges at choir festivals across Europe. Christoph Mac-Carty remains active as a greatly appreciated pianist in the Dutch jazz scene.

Stage Director: Marijke Hessels is the stage manager of Dekoor since January 2018. Her own background as a singer in Dekoor led her to understand the group dynamics perfectly which results in beautifully choreographed Dekoor shows. Our stage presence wouldn’t be nearly as tight without her instructions!