Uli Wentzlaff-Eggebert joined Dekoor’s combo in 2011. He has supported the choir on bass in performances such as at Balk Top Festival (2013). Uli also performs together with Christoph Mac-Carty in the jazz trio Robinson, Freitag & Caruso besides Dekoor. Some of his teachers include Ruud Ouwehand (double bass), Wilton Jongmans (classical double bass), Wilbrand Meischke and Davy de Witt (bass).
  Uli is currently particularly active as a jazz bassist and has collaborated with highly acclaimed jazz musicians such as Charlie Mariano, Gerd Dudek, Ben Herman and others. We count ourselves lucky to be able to perform with such a fantastic bassist! Have a look at his website here.

Patrick Onderweegs is part of the Dekoor combo since 2005. This means that he has not only accompanied the choir in performances in the Netherlands, but also in South-Korea, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Italy and the United States. Besides his impressively tight skills on the drums he’s also really awesome!
  Patrick performs with various bands and has had the opportunity to play with musicians such as Arthur Ebeling, Shiver, Darmon Meader and Kirby Shaw. Furthermore, Patrick teaches the drums in Utrecht, Bilthoven and Leusden. Have a peek at his website here.