Dekoor Close Harmony (1985) is a choir of 30 students and graduates from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Led by Christoph Mac-Carty, the choir brings a mix of jazz, gospel and popular music to the stage while occasionally experimenting with classical genres and world music as well. The choir either sings a capella or is accompanied by their combo consisting of piano, double bass, and drums. Dekoor has managed to obtain a unique place amongst the Dutch choir society thanks to winning several prizes since their formation. ‘Best Dutch Vocal Group’ at the BALK TOPfestival in 2013 is their most recent one. In 2010, the choir toured in China to participate at the World Choir Games and was awarded the title ‘World Champion of Jazz’. Dekoor defended this title successfully during the World Choir Games in the United States in 2012, as well as being awarded ‘World Champion of Pop’. In 2014, Dekoor was crowned ‘World Champion of Jazz’ and ‘Pop’ once more in Riga, Latvia. In the Netherlands, the choir is furthermore known for their victory in the popular television show ‘Clash of the Choirs’ in 2007. Since Dekoor is a student choir, members come and go: those who graduate make room for new singers. This causes a flow of new energy within the group each year. Not only is Dekoor a breeding ground for musical skills, but it is also a place to meet new friends and share experiences. The tight bond between the choir members creates a special kind of energy that is reflected in their performances. With this young enthusiasm and energy, Dekoor combines musical and theatrical elements that result in a new, powerful choral experience for their audiences. Besides their attention to music, Dekoor also highly values the presentation of their repertoire. Under the supervision of the stage director Roeland Müller, fitting choreography is sought for each song in order to obtain yet another level, in which the right atmosphere and expression of a song even better conveyed.  

      Members of Dekoor, season 2017 – 2018:
      • Sopranos: Aafke, Lonneke, Rosemarie, Gianna, Noortje, Nadine, Marit, Lisa and Nika
      • Altos: Laura, Irene, Marjolein, Josine, Sarah, Tinka and Maxime
      • Tenors: Robbert, Leander, Ruben, Xander, Ted, Twan and Mathijs
      • Basses : Luuk, Patrick, Niels, Jos, Lukas, Sibren and Tim
Dekoor Choir Committee, season 2018 – 2019:   For more information please e-mail